Auren‘s latest creation, ‘Vibrations’, taken from the artist’s Mandra EP is now available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and all major streaming/download services.

The video of ‘Vibrations’ depicts a world with structures invisible to the naked eye, out of which life is born. Life is a dance, a constant play of vibrations between form and un-manifested energy. After the dance is over, we leave this form and become One. Though most of us don’t know that our dance is not an endpoint, but one of many possible stops in the universe.

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A second video from Auren’s EP is ‘(IN)sanity’. Some words from the artist himself about the meaning behind this deeply hypnotic track;

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden. Not only that. They also help us determine how we see the world.  What did you see last time you looked at the sky in the middle of the day? Was it a friendly face from a fairytale, a scary monster, or another passing cloud?

Find the full release on our Bandcamp page, or simply search for ‘Auren – Mandra’ on any major streaming/download platform.

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nieko005 – Mandra EP

Release Date : August 12, 2022
Artist : auren
Genres : Ambient, dance, Electronic, Experimental
Catalog ref. : nieko005
Format : Digital Download